“…I fully expect the new system will work beautifully (they did an amazing job, especially given the 49-year-old jumble of metal and pipes they had to deal with in my utility area)…Please tell John, Martin, and everyone else involved in the work that they did an OUTSTANDING job. I’ll send a separate letter, but would like them to know that I really appreciated their efforts in providing me with a great system. It is working flawlessly, looks WAY better than I imagined possible, and I am finally feeling comfortable again in my own home. My kids will be SO HAPPY when they get home from camp that I probably won’t be able to get them out of the house again until school starts. And I might actually start to enjoy doing the laundry now that the dirty horrible metal jumble next to the washer and dryer is just a memory. On second thought…Thanks again to everyone for making it so nice to do business with you.”
- Wendy
“I’m very satisfied with the service Refrigeration Systems, Inc provided. They always been very helpful when I call and speak with the ladies in the office. Very courteous, happy, friendly people.”
- Donald
“Superb service. Very professional.”
- Debbie
“My service tech – Mark – is the best. He is knowledgeable, experienced, courteous and efficient. I feel that over the years we have developed a good rapport, and I would recommend Trane (Refrig. Systems) and Mark to anyone.”
- Bill
“Exellent company. Very helpful office workers and maintenance people.”
- Gerri
“We had two contractors come to correct a problem with one of our heat pumps. Each had installed one of our systems. Neither could correct the problem after three visits between them. We had used Refrigeration Systems at our business to work on a freezer. Discussions with the repairman led us to using him on our home HVAC equipment. He diagnosed the problem, put in a temporary fix while new parts were ordered, then corrected the problem when the part arrived. The heat pump is working fine and that is all we can ask.”
- Rob
“I hate to say it but we live in a community of senior citizens and there is no shortage of stories of people being over-charged and/or ripped off. I’m pleased to say that is not the case with these people. We have confidence in them.”
- Howard
“I’m very pleased with the service I received, and the new comfort level in my home from the furnace. I also like the ease of cleaning the filter, and not having to replace it. I’m especially looking forward to lower heating bills with the two stage model. I anticipate the same performance from the new air conditioner when I use it next summer. You make an excellent product.”
- Terri

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