Refrigeration Systems, Inc. was founded in 1988, by two very successful technicians with over 50 years of industry experience. Since then we have grown to 36 employees, serving customers in Maryland, The District, and Virginia. Our client list includes over 280 Convenience stores, Exxon/Mobil, as well as hundreds of other retail and residential accounts. The initial focus of our company has been to provide the best achievable service and highest quality to all our customers.

Refrigeration Systems, Inc. is starting its 24nd year of business with Joe DeVito at the helm. Our future goal is to increase our Residential Service and Retrofit Department with an expectant projection growth of 15%. We plan to achieve this goal with the assistance from our Lead Comfort Consultant, Dan Pollack and team member Hector Alonso. We have recently promoted Carrie Anderson, who was our dispatcher for many years, to Service Manager to expand our clientele in our Residential and Commercial Markets.

Our dedication and passion for the work being performed with both honesty and integrity has led us to success. We know the definition of good performance and we hire, train, and motivate the best technicians in the area. This work field can be challenging in the aspect where the manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their products. We feel it is our obligation to assure that every technician receives an extensive training to have the most up to date knowledge on the products/equipment we install and provide service on. Our company cares to be environmentally aware. We are one of the leading companies to follow the correct procedures ordained by EPA laws, which include having licensed technicians to distribute and recover refrigerants.

We strive to provide the quickest and most efficient service to our customers. Our most recent purchase of mobile office laptop computers we placed in each of our technician’s vehicles will help eliminate the turn around time to receive requested information by the customer regarding the history on their equipment. As well as, this will allow our technicians to provide an invoice on site to each customer. Our attempts to keep up with technology in today’s world make attaining resources readily available, and which-in-turn helps us to serve our customers to the highest potential.

The Service manager’s role and dedication will be to the residential and commercial market. The Company’s goal is to bring the customer’s equipment to the highest efficiency they deserve. We offer services such as Spring/Fall Maintenance Clean and Performance Inspection for contract customers under the preferred membership: Executive or Premium club.

Our company believes in only selling the highest quality in equipment on the current market. We have been a Trane Comfort Assured Dealer for 5 years, and strongly believe Trane to be the best of the best. We as a company are constantly growing and trying to improve where there is lacking, and to help us, Trane sends out a survey to rate the service we provided to that customer. We are proud to have received an overall 99% satisfaction rating, and a 100% referral rating from the feedback received from our returned Trane surveys. Our primary goal is to maintain our excellent reputation by providing the highest quality work and customer service.

Mission Statement
Our primary goal is to maintain our excellent reputation by providing the highest quality work and customer service.

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